Online Activities
11/3/08 - Addition of Decimals, Subtraction of Decimals
11/5/08 - Math Mayhem, Addition of Money, Subtraction of Money
11/10/08 - Disco Dino (level 2-9 or 3-12), Multiplication of Decimals
11/12/08 - Math Magician (level MIXED), Multiplication of Decimals
11/17/08 - Meteor Multiplication, Addition of Fractions
11/19/08 - Hidden Picture, Addition of Fractions
11/24/08 - Multiplication Grand Prix, Addition of Mixed Numbers
12/1/08 - Demolition Division, Subtraction of Fractions
12/3/08 - Drag Race Division, Subtraction of Mixed Numbers
12/8/08 - Number Invaders (multiplication and division), Fraction Frenzy, Multiplication of Fractions
1/12/09 - Space Racer Multiplication, Fraction Frenzy, Multiplication of Fractions by Mixed Numbers
1/26/09 - Math Man, Division of Mixed Numbers
2/2/09 - Math Millionaire, Determining the Ratio
2/9/09 - Sum Sense - Multiplication, Cross Multiplying Proportions
2/23/09 - Multiplication Millionaire, Percents and Fractions, Decimals and Percents, Percents and Decimals
3/2/09 - Sum Sense - Division, Division with Remainders
3/9/09 - Make a Match, Fractions to Percents
3/16/09 - Ordering Integers, Arithemetic 4 (play with a partner; set time to "30 seconds" and select "interget addition", Addition of integers
Interactive Math Websites:
Math Goodies
Hooda Math
AAA Math
Cool Math
A Plus Math
Visual Fractions
Basketball Math
Grid Game (find factors, multiples, primes, triangulr numbers, and/or powers on a grid)

Fraction Frenzie
Fun Brain Math Brain
Math Mayhem (basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division)
Virtual Manipulatives
Multiplication table practice
Dads Worksheets