- All notes are in alphabetical order while the handouts are arranged chronologically.
- Some of the files are in pdf format so you will need a pdf reader such as foxit reader or adobe reader to open them


Alcoholism Stages
Characteristics of Living Things
Circulatory System
Cow Eye Dissection
Development and Reproduction
Diffusion, Osmosis, and Active Transport
Digestive and Excretory Systems
Drugs and Medicines
Drug Use and Abuse
Earth's Past
Eating Disorders and Obesity
Eye Handout
Heart Handout
Lung Model Directions
Modern Genetics
Muscular System
Nervous System
Optical Illusions
Peer Pressure
Preventing Violence
Punnett Squares and Probability
Punnett Squares With 2 or More Genes
Radiometric Dating
Respiratory System
Scientific Method
Skeletal System


Class Orientation
Parent Letter
Grading Example
Lab Safety

Scientific Method
HO: Scientific Method
Lab: Aircraft Movement
HO: Performing an Experiment
Lab: Chromatography

Cells and Microscopes
Wordsearch: Scientific Method and Living Things
Scientific Method Maze
HO: Discovering Cell Function (cell analogies)
Microscope Work
HO: Ruler and Balance
Lab: Osmosis
Mitosis Flip Book
Crossword: Cells, Microscopes, and Scientific Method

Heredity, DNA, Evolution, Earth's Past, and Radiometric Dating
Lab: Genetics Survey
Wordsearch: Mendel and Genetics
HO: Principles of Genetics
Lab: Investigating the Results of Inherited Traits
Explorelearning: Heredity
Activity: Bugs and Squares
Project: Cerebral Palsy and Health Care
Wordsearch: Make Your Own
Lab: DNA Candy
Activity: Natural Selection by Competition
Activity: Natural Selection of Mice
Project: Evolution of Earth and Humans
Wordsearch: Evolution and Natural Selection
Lab: Half-Life of Pennies
Activity: Half-life & Radiometric Dating Simulation
Crossword: Heredity, DNA, Evolution, Earth's Past & Radiometric Dating

Fossils, Classification, and Animals
HO: Life cycle of flowering plants
HO: Reflection of Light
HO: Dream Animal Classification Key
Activity: Great Fossil Find
Activity: Magdelena Bay
HO: Living Mysteries
Wordsearch: fossils and classification
HO: Bullfrogs
Lab: Frog Dissection
HO: Starfish
Lab: Starfish Dissection
Crossword: Fossils, Classification, & Animals
Group Lesson: Organisms Planning Sheet Group Lesson Grading Sheet
HO: Planarian
Lab: Planaria Regeneration
HO: Daphnia
Lab: Daphnia Heart Rate
HO: Crayfish
Lab: Crayfish Dissection
HO: Earthworm
Lab: Earthworm Dissection

Science Fair
Science Fair Information Letter 2019

Nutrition, Obesity, and Eating Disorders
Nutrition Journal
Project: Food Guide Pyramid
Lab: Caloric Content of Food
HO: Analyzing a Menu
HO: Decision Making (nutrition)
HO: Fed Up Documentary Study Questions
Crossword: Nutrition, Weight, & Eating Disorders

Body Systems
Lab: Nervous System and Parts of the Brain
HO: The Senses
HO: Nervous System and Senses Coloring
Lab: Touch
HO: The Eye
Lab: Cow Eye Dissection
HO: Path of the circulatory system
HO: Heart
HO: Scrambled Words
Wordsearch: Nervous, Circulatory, & Senses
Lab: Sheep Heart Dissection
Activity: Making a model of the respiratory system
HO: The Breathing Process
HO: Respiratory system pathway
Lab: Lung Capacity
Activity: Paper Skeleton
Lab: Owl Pellet Skeleton HO: Barn Owl
HO: Body Systems Coloring
Lab: Overriding Involuntary Muscles
HO: Concept Mapping (muscular system)
Wordsearch: Skeletal and Muscular Systems
Wordsearch: Make Your Own
Lab: Tongue Mapping
Body Systems Group Project
HO: Body Systems Test Review Questions
Crossword: Body Systems
Wordsearch: Development and Reproduction
HO: Thinking About Puberty
HO: Thinking About Parenthood
HO: Sexually Transmitted Infections
HO: Webquest: Cost of Having a Baby

Drugs and Alcohol
HO: Natural High Video Questions
Wordsearch: Medicines & Drugs
HO: Decision Making (medicines/drugs)
HO: Classifying Alcoholism/Analyzing a Teenage Drinking Survey
Alcohol Advertisement Assignment
Lab: Under the Influence
Crossword: Drugs & Alcohol

Peer Pressure
HO: Bully Movie Study Questions Permission Slip
Activity: Feeling Peer Pressure
Activity: Peer Pressure Role-Plays
wordsearch: peer pressure

Quizzes, Tests, & Review Games (password protected)
Answer Document
QUIZ: Grading, rules, and procedures
QUIZ: Scientific Method and Characteristics of Living Things
QUIZ: Microscopes and Cells
Millionaire Game: Cells, Microscopes, & Scientific Method
Test: Cells, Microscopes, & Scientific Method Version A
Test: Cells, Microscopes, & Scientific Method Version B
Quiz: Heredity
Quiz: Modern Genetics, DNA, & Evolution
Jeopardy: Heredity, DNA, Evolution, Earth's Past & Radiometric Dating
TEST: Heredity, DNA, Evolution, Earth's Past & Radiometric Dating Version A
TEST: Heredity, DNA, Evolution, Earth's Past & Radiometric Dating Version B
QUIZ: Fossils and Classification
Pictionary: Evolution, Fossils, Classification
Pictionary: Earth's past, plants, light
Bingo: Light, Plants, Fossils, Classification
Test: Fossils, Classification, & Animals Version A
Test: Fossils, Classification, & Animals Version B
Millionaire Game: Nutrition
Test: Nutrition, Obesity, & Eating Disorders Version A
Test: Nutrition, Obesity, & Eating Disorders Version B
Quiz: Nervous system and Senses
Quiz: Circulatory System
Quiz: Respiratory System and Tobacco
Quiz: Skeletal and Muscular Systems
Pictionary: Body Systems
Jeopardy Game: Body Systems
Test: Body Systems Version A
Test: Body Systems Version B
Quiz: Medicines & Drugs
Millionaire Game: Drugs & Alcohol
Test: Drugs & Alcohol
Quiz: Development, Reproduction, and STDs
Jeopardy Game: Blank Template
Pictionary: Peer Pressure