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Class Orientation
Parent Letter
Grading Example
Lab Safety

Scientific Method, Metric System, & Using Scientific Equipment
HO: Scientific Method
Lab: Aircraft Movement
HO: Performing an Experiment
Lab: Chromatography
HO: Scientific Method Coloring
HO: Time Problems
HO: Metric Unit Dimensional Analysis
HO: Metric System Conversions
Activity: Metric Helicopters
Wordsearch: Metric System
HO: Length
Metric Measuring Activity: Length
HO: Volume
Metric Measuring Activity: Volume
HO: Using the Balance
Metric Measuring Activity: Mass
HO: Using Correct Units
HO: Reading Thermometers

Physics: Density, Buoyancy, & Pressure
HO: Density Problems
HO: Density Problems 2
HO: Density Word Problems
Lab: Density
HO: Density, Separating Substances, & Submarines
Activity: Buoyancy & Density Simulation
Wordsearch: make your own (blank)
Lab: Buoyancy
Activity: Bernoulli's Principle
Crossword: Measurements, Density, Buoyancy, & Pressure
Test Review Questions (Measurements, Conversions, Density, Buoyancy, & Pressure)

Physics: Motion, Force, Momentum, & Energy
Activity: Motion and Reference Points
HO: Velocity Problems
Activity: Velocity
Activity: Domino Derby
HO: Speed Homework
HO: Speedy Journey
Lab: Inclined to Roll
HO: Acceleration Problems
HO: Acceleration Word Problems
Activity: Accelerometer
HO: Speed, Velocity, Acceleration, & Displacement
Wordsearch: Motion
Lab: Stomp Rockets Stomp rocket-guides for construction
Test Review Questions (Measurements, Conversions, Velocity, & Acceleration)
HO: Force Problems
Activity: Surfaces under the microscope & Friction
Crossword: Velocity, Acceleration, & Force
HO: Force Diagrams
Activity: Forces and Friction Simulation
Lab: Parachutes and Air Resistance
Lab: Friction Sliders Graphs
Lab: Friction
HO: Explorelearning: Free Fall
HO: Momentum Problems Revised Version
Wordsearch: Forces
Activity: Air Track
HO: Explorelearning: Air Track
Activity: Air Track Simulation
Activity: Newton's 3rd Law
Lab: Mouse Trap Race Car guide for construction
HO: Motion and Force coloring
Crossword: Motion, Force, & Momentum
Motion, Force, & Momentum Test Review Questions
Activity: Motion and Forces Stations Directions for each station
HO: Energy Practice Problems
Wordsearch: Energy
Lab: Energy in Food
HO: Energy Conversion Problems
Project: Colossal Collisions template for making news segment video
HO: Chasing Ice Video Questions
HO: Global Warming Essay and Poster HO: Global Warming Info
Lab: Roller Coaster Handout
Crossword: Force, Momentum, & Energy
Activity: Energy Skate Park Simulation (computer) (html5)
HO: Explorelearning: Roller Coaster
Crossword: LAUSD Test #1

wordsearch: waves
Activity: PHET Wave on a String

Lab: Wave Machine
HO: Waves worksheet
Activity: Wave Stations
Lab: Sounds like Music

Science Fair
Science Fair Information Letter 2019

Chemistry: States of Matter, Periodic Table, Atoms, Molecules, & Bonding
Lab: Mystery Goop
Wordsearch: States of Matter
HO: States of Matter Coloring
Lab: Melting and Boiling Point of Water
Activity: States of Matter Simulation
HO: Explorelearning: Phase Changes
HO: Phase Changes
Wordsearch: Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures
Activity: Mixtures and Compounds
HO: Electron Orbital Diagrams and Lewis Dot Structures
HO: Atoms
HO: Periodic Puns
HO: Valence Clues
HO: periodic table coloring
HO: Test Ch. 4-7 Review Questions
Crossword Ch. 4-7
Lab: Ions and Conductivity
HO: Drawing Structural Formulas
HO: Drawing Structural Formulas 2
Wordsearch: Periodic Table and Bonding

Chemistry: Reactions, Equations, Acids & Bases, & Chemistry of Living Things
Lab: Chemical Reactions
Wordsearch: Bonding and Reactions
Lab: Gold Penny
HO: Chemical Reaction Types
HO: Chemical Equation Sample Problems
HO: Chemical Equation Sample Problems 2
Activity: Balancing Chemical Equations Simulation
HO: Explorelearning: Balancing Chemical Equations
HO: Acids, Bases, and pH vocabulary
Lab: Acids, Bases, & pH
Lab: Acidic and Basic Food
Crossword: States of Matter, Elements, Compounds, Mixtures, Reactions, Equations, & pH
Crossword: Ch. 8-10 revised shorter version
Wordsearch: Chemistry (Ch. 8-10)
Lab: Carbohydrates
HO: Nutrients: Compounds of Living Things
Lab: Vitamin C Testing
Lab: Polymer Ball
HO: DNA and nucleic acids text
HO: Transcription and Translation
HO: Genetic Engineering Pro/Con
HO: Advanced Transcription and Translation
Amino Acid Codons for Translation
HO: Gattaca Video Questions
Wordsearch: Science Fair

HO: Universe Travel Problems
HO: Configuring a Constellation
Activity: Making and Using a Star Wheel
HO: Reading a Star Map
HO: Explorelearning Star Spectra
Activity: Stars
Wordsearch: make your own (blank)
Activity: What is your Zodiac sign?
Activity: The Expanding Universe
Lab: Balloon Rockets
HO: Apollo 13 Video Questions
HO: Crashed on the Moon
Wordsearch: Astronomy
HO: Life on Other Worlds?
Lab: Egg-stronaut Drop
Crossword: Astronomy
Planets Group Presentation Planning Sheet Grading Sheet

Emergency Lesson Directions (5 days)
Emergency Lesson Handouts (5 days)


Acids and Bases
Action and Reaction
Atoms Notes fill-in notes with periodic table
Balancing Chemical Equations
Bernoulli's Principle
Buoyancy and Density (merged)
Carbon Chemistry
Chemical Equations
Chemical Reactions
Chemistry of Living Things
Classifying Stars and Constellations
Conversions by Moving Decimal Point
Covalent Bonding and Lewis Structures
Dimensional Analysis
Earth Notes
Electron Orbital Diagrams and Lewis Dot Structures
Elements, Compounds, & Mixtures
Force Diagram Abbreviations
Fossil Fuels and Global Warming fill-in handout
Friction and Gravity fill-in handout
Galaxy & Universe
Ionic Bonds
Life Cycle of Stars
Metric System
Nucleic Acids fill-in handout
Observing the Solar System
Periodic Table fill-in notes with atoms
Rockets and Satellites
Scientific Method
Solar System
States of Matter fill-in handout
Waves fill-in handout

Quizzes, Tests, & Review Games (password protected)
Answer Document
QUIZ: Grading, rules, and procedures
QUIZ: Scientific Method and Conversions
QUIZ: Metric Measuring & Density
Millionaire Game: Metric Conversions, Measurements, Density, Buoyancy, & Pressure
Millionaire Game: Scientific Method, Conversions, Measurements, & Motion
TEST: Metric Conversions, Measurements, Density, Buoyancy, & Pressure Version A
TEST: Metric Conversions, Measurements, Density, Buoyancy, & Pressure Version B
Quiz: Velocity, Speed, & Motion
Test: Scientific Method, Conversions, Measurements, & Motion (schoology copy) (spanish)
Quiz: Acceleration & Force
Quiz: Force, Friction, & Gravity
Pictionary Game: Motion Spanish Translations
Jeopardy Game: Motion, Forces, & Momentum
Test: Motion, Force, & Momentum Version A
Test: Motion, Force, & Momentum Version B
Quiz: Energy & Global Warming
Jeopardy Game: Force, Momentum, & Energy Honors
QUIZ: States of Matter
QUIZ: Elements, compounds, & mixtures
QUIZ: Atoms & Periodic Table
Bingo Game: Periodic Table
Test: Ch. 4-7 Version A
Test: Ch. 4-7 Version B
QUIZ: Ionic & Covalent Bonds
Pictionary Game: Chemistry
QUIZ: Chemical Reactions and Equations
Jeopardy Game: Chemistry
Test: Ch. 8-10 Version A
Test: Ch. 8-10 Version B
QUIZ: Chemistry of Living Things
QUIZ: Nucleic Acids, Transcription and Translation
QUIZ: Stars & Light
Pictionary Game: Astronomy
Jeopardy Game: Astronomy
Test: Astronomy Version A
Test: Astronomy Version B
Jeopardy Game: Blank Template